Eye Prime

Long Wear Eyelid Primer   

Eye Prime is the ideal eyelid primer for long-lasting eye makeup. As well as maximizing eyeshadow color, it reinforces its wear all through the day.

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Step by Step

Learn how to sculpt your eyes and give them a more dimensional, rounded and larger shape thanks to this Open Contour step by step.  

Steps 2 / 8:

Apply a light/medium shade to the entire eyelid and under the arch of the brow, leaving out the crease of the eye.  

Steps 3 / 8:

Apply a darker shade along the upper and lower lash lines, correcting the eye shape if necessary.  

Steps 4 / 8:

Apply a dark shade in the crease and define a rounded arch shape, and make sure not to close the outer corner of the eye.    

Steps 5 / 8:

Apply a medium shade slightly above the crease and blend it with your dark color and the light color under the brow arch.  

Steps 6 / 8:

Intensify the lash line and the crease with a dark Shade.  

Steps 7 / 8:

Apply a light shade eye pencil on the water line.  

Steps 8 / 8: Result

You may finish your makeup by applying Mascara.  


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