step by step instructions


1. Prep the skin using ULTRA HD SKIN BOOSTER to give it a boost of hydration using Brush #108. 2. With the same brush, apply STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER CARAMEL to add warmth to the skin. 3. Apply WATER BLEND to unify the skin still using Brush #108. 4. Fix the complexion using ULTRA HD Pressed Powder. 5. Highlight the cheekbones using STARLIT Powder 12 using Brush #156. 6. Spray MIST & FIX to hold the makeup in place during the festive season.
2. Fix the brows using BROW GEL Transparent for neat brows.
3. Apply the STAR LIT POWDER 13 using Brush #226 all over the eyelids to give a smoky effect, blend the edges using Brush #216. 2. Apply STAR LIT POWDER 12 on the lower lashline and brow bone. 3. Line the eyes using AQUA XL INK LINER ME-42, to add intensity. 4. Add extra drama to the look by applying LASH SHOW C-701. 5. Add two coats of EXCESSIVE LASH mascara to finish the look.