Make Up For Ever (Professional - Paris) (Home)

step by step instructions


1. Apply STEP 1 HYDRATING all over the face by sweeping motions with Brush #108 starting from the center of the face, then forehead and chin.

2. With Brush #108, apply ULTRA HD FOUNDATION all over the face by sweeping motions. Build your coverage by dabbing motions if necessary.

3. Slightly sculpt your face with Brush #158 and PRO BRONZE FUSION 30M under your cheekbones. To help you to find the right placement, suck your cheeks in and pucker up.

4. Apply SCULPTING BLUSH 20 on your cheekbones with Brush #158.

5. With the fluffy side of Brush #158, dust PRO LIGHT FUSION 02 on your cheekbones to highlight and illuminate your face.
1. Use BROW PENCIL 40 to redefine your eyebrow line naturally. Start underlining the brow from the head to the tail. Fill in the spaces from the body of the brow to the arch and tail. To avoid a severe look, don’t color the head of the brow. Use the Brush #272 to blend the underline by brushing your hair upwards and remove the excess of product.
1. With a flat brush as Brush #228, apply ARTIST SHADOW I-520 all over your eyelids.

2. Use ARTIST SHADOW M-656 on the outer corner of your eyelid and stretch the color into your crease to add dimension to your eyes with Brush #208. Apply also along your lower lash line to bring deepness.

3. Blend the brown color outwards for a perfect smudged effect with Brush #216.

4. Draw a cat eye shape with INK LINER for a glamorous look. Look straight ahead and draw a classic line starting from the middle of the eye to the outer corner then from the inner corner to the middle. Extend the line to create a « hook » at the outer corner of the eye. It is possible to go over the line to thicken it, depending on the desired result.

5. Use AQUA XL Eye Pencil ME-42 for a metallic waterline.

6. Apply DIAMOND POWDER 11 in your inner corner to illuminate your eyes.

7/ Apply EXCESSIVE LASH mascara and LASH SHOW false lashes N304.
1. Contour your lips with HIGH PRECISION LIP PENCIL 12 starting from the center of your lips to get the best symmetry then draw the line from the corners to the center. 

2. Apply ARTIST LIQUID MATTE 103 all over the lips. 

2. Apply ARTIST PLEXI GLOSS 0 for a vinyl effect.