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step by step instructions


1Pop Looks

Learn how to reproduce Pop Looks by MAKE UP FOR EVER.

Pop Look 1

Apply PRO BRONZE FUSION to facial contours using 3 strokes.
1. Begin with the cheeks, working from the outer to inner areas.
2. Then without adding powder to the brush: Continue working upwards from the temples to the forehead.
3. End with the jawline, working down to the tip of the chin.
4. Apply PRO BRONZE FUSION along both sides of the nose + tip of the nose with the brush #242.

> Smoky Eye technique
1. Apply a thin and regular layer of Eye prime on top of the entire eyelid and let it dry, eyes closed.
2. Apply a dark shade (use Khol pencil 1K) along the upper and lower lash line:

  • Starting at the center of the eye going outwards to the outer corner. Continue by starting from the inner corner towards the center of the eye. Connect them.
  • Upper eyelid: blend it up to the crease.
  • Lower eyelid: blend it downwards.

3. Apply Artist Shadow ME-302 on top of it to intensify the makeup and blend it up to the crease.
4. Apply Artist Shadow ME-232 into the crease and blend it upwards to the direction of the brow arch. It is possible to apply this color on the lower eyelid and blend it downwards and into the dark shade.
5. Accentuate the brow bone with Artist Shadow ME-700 and blend it with the medium shade.
6.Trace a Winged liner with Ink Liner.

Apply Artist Plexi-Gloss #500 on the lips.



Tip /

Apply Eye Prime (primer) to the eyelid to increase the color intensity and hold of the makeup look.
Start by applying Eye Prime to the lips to lighten their color and intensify the color of the gloss.



Pop Look 2

> Classic lift Makeup
1. Apply a thin and regular layer of Eye prime on top of the entire eyelid and let it dry, eyes closed.
2. Apply Artist Shadow ME-910 over the entire eyelid.
3. Using Aqua Eyes 0L, apply a liner along the  upper and lower lash line form the outer corner, and glide it towards the inner corner, making the line thinker at the outer corner
4. Blend the AQUA EYES slightly from the outer corner of the lower lash line in the direction to the temples and also blend it slightly on the upper lash line.
5.  Apply Artist Shadow ME-232 on top of your previous applied eye-pencil and on the outer corner of your eyelid.
Blend the shadow into the crease  no longer then the outer 2 / 3rd of the eye to define the crease.
6. Apply Artist Shadow ME-930:
On the upper eyelid, in between the pink and the blue shade. Blend it slightly into the Artist shadow ME-910 color just above the crease. Blend it slightly into your Artist shadow ME-232 which is in the crease.
And on the lower eyelid, next to the lash line.
7. Re-intensify the lash line and the water line with Aqua Eyes 0L.

> Twin Liner technique
1. Trace a Straight Liner line with Aqua Liner #9.
2. Trace a Cat Liner line at the base of the lashes with Aqua Liner #13.

Apply HD Blush on your cheeks using the the Scuping Blush technique.
1. Begin application at the hairline (at the middle of the ear) and blend towards the mouth to sculpt the cheek .
2. Then, blend upwards to emphasize the size of the cheekbone.

Apply Artist Plexi-Gloss #303 on your lips.