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Will you dare ?

Be inspired and become a deer for a night.

Inspiration Artistic Halloween - DEER

Our makeup Artist Laila Friedli explains you step by step in video how to become a deer or a zombie for an artistic Halloween.


Make up
1. Choose 3 shades to sculpt the face:
- 1 light shade – Clown White.
- 1 intermediate shade – HD Foundation #115 mixed with Clown White.
- 1 darker shade - Flash Color in Brown #523.
PRO TIPS: Blend using the Artistic Face Sponge.
-  Using the brown Flash Color from the Flash Color Palette, sculpt the nose and add shadow to the eye crease using the ‘Winged’ technique.

2. Set using Super Matte Loose Powder.
Choose two shades: A white shade for the areas of light and a medium/light for the rest of the face.

3. - Intensify the cheek bone area and the eyelids with the Artist Shadow in Black #M-100, Brown #M-618 and Beige #M-534.
- Intensify areas of light using the Artist Shadow in Matte White #M-126 and Star Powder in White #941.
Eyes: eyelids, inner corners, along the lower lash line.
Face: Cheek bones and sides of nose.
Mouth: Cupid’s bow.

4. - Apply eyeliner in a ‘cat eye’ fashion using Aqua Black and a slanted brush.
- Apply Aqua Smoky Lash, then Eyelashes #26.
PRO TIPS: Glue two false eye lashes together to intensify eyes. Ex: Glue Eyelashes #15 to Eyelashes #26.
- Create the deer’s muzzle using Aqua Black.

5. Apply clear Super Lip Gloss mixed with Diamond Powder #01 to the mouth.
PRO TIPS: Apply white powdered sugar over the Lip Gloss for a ‘frozen’ effect.

6. - Apply Flash Color in White #10 to the cheek bones. Draw on small dots using an eyeliner brush.
- Apply Diamond Powder #01 over the small white dots using the silicone applicator.

1. - Take up a generous amount of Plasto Wax. Work it like modeling clay and shape into the desired look for the horns.
Smooth the Plasto Wax well.
PRO TIPS: Gentle Milk is great for smoothing the Plasto Wax.
- Apply Plastic Sealor over the horns to solidify them. Let them dry well.
2. - Color the horns using brown Flash Colors from the palette then set with Super Matte Loose Powder #36.
- Apply Star Powder #930 to the horns for a touch of luminosity.

3. - Apply the Spirit Gum to the base of the horns then place where desired on the forehead and gently hold in place.
- Apply a small amount of Plasto Wax to the base of the horns and smooth over the skin to set and create a realistic effect.

4. Apply the Sculpting Flesh to the contours of the base of the horns in order to create the illusion that the horns are coming out of the forehead.

5. Color the base of the horns using Red and Black Flash Colors from the FX Palette to create a sense of depth.

6. Apply Coagulated Blood to the red Flash Color.
Add Thick Blood for a ‘blood drop’ effect.


1. Mix a small amount of Grease Paint in Black #11, Grey # 29 and Khaki Green #28 with the Blister Effect Gel.
Using the metallic spatula, apply this mixture to the mouth in the form of ‘drops’. This helps create a sense of depth (see visual).

2. WOUNDS on the cheeks and forehead
Apply a thick layer of Liquid Latex in the middle of the cheek area and the forehead then blend outwards. Use the metallic spatula and/or a cotton swab to create a sense of depth. Repeat this several times until desired thickness is achieved. Let dry then tear in the middle using the same spatula.

3. Nose WOUND
Tear small pieces of tissue then adhere them to the skin on the sides of the nose with a little Latex. Position the tissue irregularly.

4. Apply the Sculpting Flesh around the wounds to create a ‘torn skin’ effect.
PRO TIPS: To enhance wear, apply the Spirit Gum around the Sculpting Flesh.

5. Apply the Latex to the center of the wounds then apply small pieces of cotton to create the illusion of flesh in the wounds.

Use a mixture of Wet Make-Up in Grey #742 and Khaki #502 to create the look of truly morbid-looking skin.
PRO TIPS: The Artistic sponge will allow you to obtain a transparent complexion.
Define the cheeks using Artist Shadow in Khaki Green #M-322 and/or Grey #M-106.

Apply Wet Make-Up in Black #071 over the eyelid area. Intensify using Artist Shadow in Black #M-100 and Plum #M-928.
Apply Aqua Lip 8C to the mucous membranes.
PRO TIPS: Apply Dust Grease with the Artistic Brush #402 to create the illusion of visible veins and add a shiny effect.

Apply Flash Color Red to the middle of the wound and Black from the FX Palette around the contours to create a sense of depth. Then apply Coagulated Blood over that.
PRO TIPS: For an effect that looks like drops of blood, apply a small amount of Thick Blood.

Apply Wet Make-Up in Black and White to the lips to create contrast.







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