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Extra-dense, rounded brush with a flat tip ideal to ensure an optimal application of PRO BRONZE FUSION compact bronzer.

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Step by Step

Get the Bronze look for Summer and learn how-to reproduce the PRO BRONZE FUSION look 2015 by MAKE UP FOR EVER.

Steps 2 / 11:

BRUSH APPLICATION GESTURE: Pick up gently on the KABUKI PRO BRONZE FUSION using strokes always in the same direction and applying medium pressure. APPLICATION GESTURE:  Apply PRO BRONZE FUSION to facial contours using 3 strokes. Begin with the cheeks, working from the outer to inner areas. Then without adding powder to the brush: Continue working upwards from the temples to the forehead. End with the jawline, working down to the tip of the chin. Apply PRO BRONZE FUSION along both sides of the nose + tip of the nose with the brush #242.  

Steps 3 / 11:

Apply Metal Powder to the eyebrow with the brush #270.  

Steps 4 / 11:

Apply Artist Shadow ME-512 to the eyelid and inner corner underneath the eye with the brush #212.

Steps 5 / 11:

Apply Kohl 6K to the outer corner of the eye and blend in to create structure (Classic Lift) with brush #220.

Steps 6 / 11:

Apply Artist Shadow ME-614 over the Kohl and to the outer corner of the eyelid. Blend the shadow into the eyelid crease with the brush #228.

Steps 7 / 11:

Apply Artist Shadow ME-738 with the brush #228: To the eyelid, between the light and dark shades. Above the eyelid crease. Underneath the eye.

Steps 8 / 11:

Apply Mascara Smoky Stretch and White Kohl #2k.

Steps 9 / 11:

Outline lips with Aqua Lip 9C. Apply Rouge Artist Intense #39 with the brush #302. Add a touch of light with Artist Plexi-Gloss #306.

Steps 10 / 11:

Apply Metal Powder #91201 to the center of the lips with the brush #302.


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