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Aqua XL Ink Liner
Extra Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner

A 24 hours extra longwear liquid eyeliner that will make you forget about touch up’s.

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Step by step

Steps 1 / 4: Get Kehlani's official look

Steps 2 / 4:

Apply AQUA XL COLOR PAINT L-22 all over the lid, making sure not to go past the outer corner of the eye, using the flat side of the Brush #226. Shape brows using 3-IN-1 PRO SCULPTING BROW.

Steps 3 / 4:

Using Brush #172, apply AQUA XL INK LINER L-40 at the roots of the lashes starting at the center moving outwards making sure to make the line thinner. Then repeat the same to finish the line from the center towards the inner corner of the eye.


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