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Excessive Lash
Arresting Volume Mascara

Excessive Lash creates long lasting panoramic volume that fans out for a truly dramatic, eye-opening effect.

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Step By Step

Learn how to easily boost your lashes in 3 easy steps

Steps 3 / 5:

Before applying makeup, get all the lashes between the clamps of the Eyelash Curler. Squeeze gently to check that the curler is positioned correctly and that all the lashes are between the clamps. After checking, squeeze harder and maintain pressure for about 10 seconds. Repeat the procedure once or twice at different points along the length of the lashes to create a more natural curl.

Steps 4 / 5:

Apply  2 layers of Excessive Lash Mascara to get an intense volume.

Steps 5 / 5: The Result

To achieve maximum volume with sparse lashes, use individual false lashes (Lash Show N-602) that will give you “excessive” volume while remaining natural!  


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