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Full Cover
Extreme Camouflage Cream

Full Cover is perfect for concealing the most extreme flaws, such as scars, severe skin damage, beauty spots, depigmentation or birthmarks.

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Best Concealer/Camouflage

I have very large discoloration/melasma in my cheek. Using camouflage cream and full cover, helping me alot to cover it up. They are very easily applied and blend perfectly. Looks very natural. LOVE IT. Thank you Make Up Forever.

My skin has never looked so good

I use this product in so many ways. I use it under my eyes for flawless coverage, I use it to cover spots and uneven color on my skin, and I use it on my eye lids before eye shadow. This waterproof product is amazing and long wearing!


This is hands down the best concealer out there. It is perfect for covering up imperfections without looking too "made up". I have tried many other concealers and this is the only one that I consistently go back to