Ultra HD Pressed Powder
Microfinishing Pressed Powder

A veil to matify and blurr your complexion with the Ultra HD loose powder. Choose the pressed powder for your daily touch ups on the go.

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Step by Step

Steps 2 / 8: Prep

1. Apply ULTRA HD SKIN BOOSTER directly on clean skin with brush #108 from the center of the face outwards. 2. Let the product work on the skin and dry before starting the makeup.

Steps 3 / 8: Prep

1. Use STEP 1 CARAMEL for dark skin. It will instantly warm up the complexion and prep the skin for the makeup to last longer.

Steps 4 / 8: Prep

1. Apply ULTRA HD LIP BOOSTER on the center of the lower lip. 2. With brush #302, spread the product outwards without going over the borders to prevent a wet/glossy effect. 3. Press your lips together to let the product penetrate.

Steps 5 / 8: Unify

1. Apply ULTRA HD LIQUID FOUNDATION all over the face starting at the center of the face outwards using swipping motions with brush #108.

Steps 6 / 8: Unify

1. With ULTRA HD CONCEALER, make 3 dots under the eyes. 2. Use brush #174 to spread the product all over the zone. 3. With the finger, gently dab to blend well the product into the skin and foundation for a more natural result.

Steps 7 / 8: Unify

1. Warm your face by sculpting lightly with ULTRA HD STICK FOUNDATION in a darker shade than your foundation. 2. Start by applying on the temples, hollows of the cheeks and jawlines with brush #150.

Steps 8 / 8: Finish

1. Use the Dot & Dust technique to finish your complexion with ULTRA HD PRESSED POWDER in Banana shade for tan skin or Peach for dark skin.


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I recently purchased the forever ultra HD power and it is amazing!! Talk about finishing off a look ! I love it - don't know why I didn't buy it sooner. Definitely recommend !!