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Pro Sculpting Lip
2-in-1 Lip Sculpting Pen

Pro Sculpting Lip is specifically designed to contour and sculpt lips using 2 easy steps.

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Step By Step

Learn how to get perfect lips in 2 steps.

Steps 2 / 4: COLOR

Apply the color #10 to the center of the upper and lower lips and then from the corners of the lips to the center of the upper lip.    

Steps 3 / 4: ILLUMINATE

Apply a touch of light to the center of the lips to create volume. Then use the foam tip (or brush #302) to blot and blend with small circular movements. To increase the volume effect, put more powder in the cap for the foam tip. After each use, wipe the foam tip with a tissue.      

Steps 4 / 4: THE RESULT

We can pick others colors to sculpt your lips and give them volume.


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