Make Up For Ever (Professional - Paris) (Home)

step by step instructions



CHEEKBONES: Apply the product to the upper part of the cheekbone by using brush #104. Blend towards the temple and the center of the face.

EYEBROWS: Apply the product above and to the brow bone by  using brush #174. Blend towards the temple.

BETWEEN THE EYEBROWS: Apply the product with downward strokes towards the base of the nose with the brush #104.

EYELIDS: Apply the product to the entire eyelid and the inner corner of the eye with the brush #174.

NOSE: Apply the product to the bridge of the nose by using brush #174.

CENTER OF THE LIPS: Apply the product to the center by using brush #174, just above the upper lip, in order to enhance the outline of the lips.

CHIN: Apply the product to the hollow of the chin by using brush #104.


CHEEK HOLLOWS: Apply the product with the brush #104 under the cheekbone, near the ear, make a single downwards stroke, following the natural line of the cheekbone. Sweep the product towards the nose with back-and-forth motions.

JAWLINE: Apply the product along the jawline from the base of the ear to behind the chin by using brush #104. Blend in both directions with back-and-forth motions.
Be careful the product blends well into the skin on the neck so there is no line.

TEMPLES: Apply the product along the hairline and blend towards the forehead by using brush #104.

EYELIDS: Apply the produt with the brush #174 from the outer corner and go towards the inner corner following the eyelid crease, drawing an arch.

CHIN: Apply the product just under the tip of the chin and blend both sides back up along the jawline, under the chin by using brush #104.

NOSE: Apply the product along the sides of the nose and blend downwards by using brush #174.


CHEEKBONES: Apply the blush to the cheekbones from the hairline towards the center of the face by using brush #104.
Apply and blend the blush with figure 8 motions.
Make sure you blend the blush well into the darker shade so there is no line.


Apply the color by gently stroking over the sparse areas. Use the tip of the pencil on the bottom eyebrow hairs to intensify them and create a "natural line."

Brush the eyebrow again to blend the color.

Tip /

Before coloring the eyebrow, brush it up and down in order to redefine the line and make it easier to apply the color.

(Brush tip)
This also helps remove excess powder after applying face makeup.

Add more color as needed. For a natural, customized result, it is recommended to apply the color gradually.


Apply a touch of light at the brow bone to highlight the eyes.


Apply a touch of light to the center of the lips to create volume.
Then use the foam tip (or brush #302) to blot and blend with small circular movements.

To increase the volume effect, put more powder in the cap for the foam tip. After each use, wipe the foam tip with a tissue.

Tip /

To intensify the "light" effect, apply the lighter iridescent Palette Pro Sculpting shade just above the center of the lips.