step by step instructions


1. Prep the skin using ULTRA HD SKIN BOOSTER to give it a boost of hydration using Brush #108. 2. With the same brush, apply STEP 1 SKIN EQUALIZER CARAMEL to add warmth to the skin. 3. Apply WATER BLEND to unify the skin still using Brush #108. 4. Fix the complexion using ULTRA HD Pressed Powder. 5. Highlight the cheekbones using STARLIT Powder 12 using Brush #156. 6. Spray MIST & FIX to hold the makeup in place during the festive season.
1. Apply the STAR LIT POWDER 13 using Brush #226 all over the eyelids to give a smoky effect, blend the edges using Brush #216. 2. Apply STAR LIT POWDER 12 on the lower lashline and brow bone. 3. Line the eyes using AQUA XL INK LINER ME-42, to add intensity. 4. Add extra drama to the look by applying LASH SHOW C-701. 5. Add two coats of EXCESSIVE LASH mascara to finish the look.