Make Up For Ever (Professional - Paris) (Home)

step by step instructions


1. To prep the skin and make your makeup last longer, apply STEP 1 HYDRATING with Brush #108 all over your face.

2. Apply ULTRA HD LIQUID FOUNDATION with Brush #108 by swiping motions for a natural and invisible coverage. Build your coverage by dabbing motions on zones of imperfection.

3. Create a healthy contour with PRO BRONZE FUSION 25I and Kabuki #136. Apply the color in the hollow of your cheeks.
1. Use PRO SCULPTING BROW 30 to define and color your brow. Start filling in the spaces with the large side of the pencil, from the body of your brow to the arch then from the arch to the tail. Use the thin side of the pencil to draw hair-like strokes on the head of your brow for natural effect.
1. Apply AQUA MATIC S60 all over the eyelid. It will give more intensity and hold to your eye shadow.

2. Apply ARTIST SHADOW M650 on the upper eyelid, blending upwards with Brush #220. Apply the same color on the lower lash line to give more deepness.

3. On top of AQUA MATIC, apply ARTIST SHADOW ME654 with Brush #220 and melt the color into the matte brown color previously applied. 

4. Use the blender Brush #236 to blend the colors.

5. Apply two coats of SMOKY STRETCH mascara and LASH SHOW N404 false lashes.