Make Up For Ever (Professional - Paris) (Home)

step by step instructions



Drop the pointed tip of the calligraphy brush onto the outer point where the lips intersect.
Draw the outline of the lips starting from the outer corner of the lips moving towards the cupid’s bow using the long edge of the brush.


Stroke across the inner part of the lips to fill in the color using the flat side of the brush.

7Unleash your creativity

Step 1:
Apply foundation all over the lips and fix it with a super matte powder in the same shade.

Step 2:
Using the white kohl pencil draw an outline of the new lips starting slightly away from the real lip shape and using the lips as a reference point of how high and how low you can extend the line.

Step 3:
Use Aqua lip 8C to now outline the imaginary lips, and fill in with the Artist Lip Ink. Clean the edges using a concealer if needed.