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"When I create products, I always imagine characters" - Dany Sanz

"When I create products, I always imagine characters" - Dany Sanz

In her first book, Life is a stage, Dany Sanz shows her unique vision of makeup through 27 characters inspired by all stages. Through the title "Life is a stage", Dany wanted to share her life philosophy. It illustrates the different roles that we take throughout our lives, this is a philosophy everyone can relate to.

Through all these characters, Dany tells a different story, from a different stage. Discover in avant-premiere Dany’s inspirations behind three of those characters.


This female trapeze artist symbolizes the professional stage performer, on a quest to find the very best makeup products. MAKE UP FOR EVER has always worked for and with artists from the entertainment world. Since 1984, Dany Sanz has constantly created products to answer their needs. "I knew about the extreme conditions that professional artists could experience and I knew how to translate this knowledge into products they could use."


After studying at the School of Fine Arts, Dany Sanz moved from one new experience to another and got swept up in a whirlwind of creativity that drew her to work on theater sets. That's how she discovered another backstage and got an artistic revelation: body painting. In 2017, Dany used the MAKE UP FOR EVER palette for her favorite mean of expression and imagined a woman covered in copper, using a sponge to apply vivid, contrasting colors. Blurring the border between art and makeup, The Urban Polychrome is painted as an abstract artwork displaying a woman dressed in colors. As Dany always says, "Mastery unleashes creativity."


For fifteen years, while working as Training Manager at the first makeup school in Europe, Dany Sanz took her students from one setting to another: photography, fashion, theater… One of the things she most loved to teach was how to translate emotions simply by using colors on the face. In 2017, Dany Sanz introduced her own interpretation of Sadness, Joy and Anger with this technique: by playing with colors, shadow and light, she creates characters that blur the boundary between fashion and theater.

Discover the other characters in Life is a stage book along with Dany's Sketchbook and dive into Dany's artistic journey.
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