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Dany Sanz, Founder & Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER, unveils her first and highly anticipated makeup book, Life is a Stage. In close collaboration with internationally renowned photographer Ellen von Unwerth, Dany Sanz invites you into her creative genius mind. With her closest tribe of artists, she is giving life to 27 characters and 72 photographs inspired by all stages, a reflection of a lifetime work to create high performance products for stage artists and makeup artists all around the world.

Life is a stage is an illustration of her creative philosophy, the makeup as an art in movement, an art of transformation which aims to inspire a new generation of makeup artists. Life is a stage perfectly sums up Dany's and MAKE UP FOR EVER's philosophy. It illustrates the different roles that we take throughout our lives, a philosophy everyone can relate to.

To capture this unique artistic vision, Dany Sanz collaborated with Ellen von Unwerth, a world renowned photographer, filmmaker and video director, whose work has been collected in numerous books and two photo-novellas.

Discover Dany's artistic journey that comes in an exclusive box set including the Life is a Stage book along with Dany's sketchbook. With 48 sketches drawn by Dany Sanz corresponding to the 27 characters from the book, Dany's sketchbook brings you into her creative process: those sketches represent the artistic vision had for those characters before bringing them into life under Ellen von Unwerth's lens.

Life is a Stage by Dany Sanz (128 pages) + Dany's Sketchbook (48 pages)
Distributed by RIZZOLI Edition
Available in bookstores and MAKE UP FOR EVER boutiques (in Europe, November 2017, worldwide, December 2018)