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Lash Show - C-703
Instant Drama False Lashes & False Lashes Glue - Creative Impact

Handmade false lashes with Creative Impact.



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step by step

Reveal your customers' eyes with our pro techniques.

Steps 2 / 8:

MASCARA Lift your customer's eyelid slightly and ask her to look down. Hold her eyelid with your fingers to control the mascara application.              

Steps 3 / 8:

Measure the lenght of the false lashes.    

Steps 4 / 8:

GLUE Use the precise tip of the Lash Show Applicator to spread the glue evenly over the false lash strip. Let the glue dry for a few seconds before applying the false lashes to the eyelids so it thickens and adheres better.  

Steps 5 / 8:

APPLY Start with the middle of the eye: ask your customer to look down and position the false lashes on the natural eyelash line.  

Steps 6 / 8:

Use the end of the tweezers to glue the strip to the inner and outer corners of the eye, making sure they stick.

Steps 7 / 8:

2nd LAYER OF MASCARA Lift your customer's eyelid slightly and then apply mascara so the false and natural lashes blend together. Brace your fingers so you don't get any mascara on the eyelid.  

Steps 8 / 8: The result


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