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Lash Show - N-601
Instant Drama False Lashes & False Lashes Glue - Natural Impact

Handmade false lashes with Natural Impact for a daily touch of drama.



step by step

Individual false lashes make it possible to recreate a lash line that is too irregular. In this case, the false lashes must be placed judiciously, where eyelashes are missing. They can also be used to give the eyes intensity.

Steps 2 / 5:

Apply a thin coat of Smoky Lash mascara to your eyelashes to lengthen them and make it their curl match that of the individual false lashes.      

Steps 3 / 5:

Gently remove the false lashes from their case and apply a touch of glue to the false lash strip.    

Steps 4 / 5:

Apply the first extension at the root of your natural eyelashes, at the outer corner of the eye. Then apply the second extension 1 or 2 mm from the first one, towards the center of the eyelid. Keep applying the extensions until you have obtained the desire effect. FOR A NATURAL EFFECT: glue the longest individual false lashes at the outer corner of the eyelid and the shortest ones at the inner corner. Space the extensions approximately every 2 mm. FOR AN INTENSE EFFECT: Do the same, but decrease the space between each extension.  

Steps 5 / 5: The result

End your makeup by applying a thin coat of Smoky Lash mascara to get a natural result.


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