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Floriane Nicole David

Floriane Nicole  David, make up artist


Paris, France  


Lead Educator MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY NYC. Responsibilities include developing and implementing curriculum, organizing and managing artistic academic events. Floriane also holds demonstrations and has taught around the world.  

How Long  WorkingWith Make Up For Ever?

Floriane has worked with MAKE UP FOR EVER since 1992. She taught at the prestigious MAKE UP FOR EVER Paris Academy, as well as London College of Fashion in London. In Paris, she was mentored by none other than MAKE UP FOR EVER founder Dany SANZ.

Let’s find out where her passion for makeup come from

I was always intrigued by the concepts of transformation and metamorphosis. From a very young age I had a sense of adventure. I enjoyed exploring and expanding on the natural elements around me. When I discovered with that makeup I could do just that with the human face and form, I fell in love with the process and it has been both my dream and my reality ever since.

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