Make Up For Ever (Professional - Paris) (Home)

step by step instructions


1. Use Full Cover to cover any stray hairs around the eyebrows, especially any little hairs, as you want the eyebrow to appear straight and low.

2. Use the spoolie within the pencil and comb the brow hairs upwards and outwards.

3. Create a natural and straigh shape by using Pro Sculpting Brow Pencil. Fill in light and feathery strokes.

4. Comb the hair again to blend the color and create a soft appearance.

5. Use the highlighter on the pencil to gently clean and highlight the lower border of the body and tail.
1. Fill out the sparse areas of the brow and create a natural shape by using Brow Pencil,

2. Apply Brow Gel on the eyebrows by combing it on in an upward motion, and then throughout the entire brow and tail in small feathery motions towards the temples.
1. Fill out the sparse areas of the brow and create a natural shape by using Brow Pencil.

2. Use Brow Liner and pick up the product with the tip of the brush and draw feathery strokes going up and down from the center of the brow, filling in the brow at the same time .
1. Use Brush #274 to apply wax to the entire brow.

2. Spray Mist & Fix onto the brush and pick up the darker shade powder of the Pro Sculpting Brow Palette. Apply it from the arch to the tail of the brow.

3. Apply the lighter powder from the inner brow to the arch of the brows.

4. Clean the contour of the brow by using concealer.
1. Use Brush #274  to comb the hair using the spoolie end. Comb the brow hairs upwards and outwards.

2. Use Aqua Brow to fill in the entire brow to make the shape defined with straight and clean lines. Ensure the tail is cleanly tapered. 

3. Clean the borders of the brows with Ultra HD Concealer.