Make Up For Ever (Professional - Paris) (Home)

step by step instructions



Upper Cheekbones and Temples: Apply the product to the upper part of the cheekbone by using brush #104. Blend along the temple and towards the center of the face.

Eyebrow Bone: Apply the product above and to the brow bone with the brush #174. Blend towards the temple.

Eyelids: Apply the product to the entire eyelid and the inner corner of the eye by using brush #174.

Bridge of the nose: Apply the product to the bridge of the nose by using brush #174.

Center of the upper lip: Apply the product to the center with the brush #174, just above the upper lip, in order to enhance the outline of the lips.






Hollows of the cheek: Apply the product at the edge of the face (at the hairline) with the brush #104 and blend towards the mouth.

Jawline: Start at the top of the jaw and blend towards the chin and neck by using brush #104.

Eyelids: Start from the outer corner and go towards the inner corner following the eyelid crease, drawing an arch with the brush #174.

Slide of the nose: Apply the product along the sides of the nose and blend downwards by using brush #174.




Cheekbones: Apply the product to the top of the cheekbone and blend towards the temples with the brush #104.
Be careful you do not apply any of the product to the dark circles.
This technique enhances the cheekbones, reducing the width of the jaw.