Make Up For Ever (Professional - Paris) (Home)

step by step instructions


1The Look

Learn how to recreate the look of the Excessive Lash campaign step by step.


1. Stretch the brow line out with Aqua Brow 35 Taupe using brow brush 274 to achieve a sharp, dramatic effect.
Draw a continuous line from the start of the eyebrow slightly working up towards the temples.

2. Dust the upper eyelid at the inner and outer corners with Artist Shadow M-650 Cookie using brush 216. Blend into the crease of the eyelid.


1. Draw a line along the outer corner of the eye with Graphic Liner creating a
“winged” effect (cat eye technique).

2. Starting from the tip of the wing, draw a line along the lower lash line.
Be careful to leave a space. (See photo.)

3. Use the tip of the liner along the inner corner of the eye.


1. Draw another line along the outer corner of the eye with Graphic Liner to create a second “wing” (cat eye), stretching it high up towards the temple.

2. Intensify the inner corner of the upper eyelid with Artist Shadow M-100 Black using brush 208.
Gently blend towards the middle of the eyelid.

5The Result

Apply Excessive Lash Mascara to intensify the eyes.

Tip /

Add several false lash singles (3 lashes) for a look that is three times more exuberant!!!