Make Up For Ever (Professional - Paris) (Home)

step by step instructions


1The Look

Gently lift your eyelid with your finger for better control in applying the mascara.

Tip /

Before applying, wipe off excess product on a tissue or the edge of the neck of the tube.


Begin on the top of the lashes . Brush the lashes from the top and at the root of your lash line upwards.

Tip /

It helps you remove any powder particles that might have fallen on the lashes while your eye makeup application.


Looking up, using the fine tip of the brush, gently brush the lower lashes from base to tip, being careful not to apply too much product which can darken the eyes.

6Lengthened Result
Tip /

From the top of the lashes: put a mascara brush between the lashes  and brush them from the root upwards to the tip of the lash.

From underneath the lashes: hold the brush horizontally, parallel to the upper lash line.

Brush the upper lashes, from root to tip, extending outwards.