Make Up For Ever (Professional - Paris) (Home)

step by step instructions


1Blushing in Pink

1.  Mix STEP1 Radiant Primer and Ultra HD Skin Booster together, directly on clean skin with  brush #108 from the center of the face outwards. Let the product work on the skin and dry before starting the makeup.

2. Apply Ultra HD Foundation from the middle of the face outwards in upward movements to lift features.

3. With Ultra HD Concealer, make 3 dots on dark circles and use brush #174 to spread the product all over the zone. With the finger, gently dab to blend the product well into the skin and foundation for a more natural result.

4. Apply Ultra HD Loose Powder with brush #130 following the Dot & Dust application technique to finish the complexion with a veil of powder.

1. Upper eyelid: Apply Artist Shadow D-562 blend from the inner and outer corners of the eye towards the center, making sure not to cover the center of the eyelid.

2. Apply Aqua Liner M-10 eyeliner on the upper line.

Apply Artist Acrylip #202 using brush #174
2Rose Gold Romance

1. Apply Aqua Matic ME-50 on the entire eyelid.
2. Apply Artist Shadow I-514 on the upper eyelid, blend from the inner and outer corners of the eye towards the center.
3. Apply Pro Light Fusion #1.
4. Line the eyes Aqua XL #12 and #42.
5. Finish the make-up by applying Smoky Extravagant mascara.

1. Apply Lip Booster on the upper and lower lips.
2. Apply Artist Rouge C-104 all over the lips with brush #174.
3. Apply Glitter #10 for an iridescent finish.