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As the Academy year came to a close, it´s time to shine a light on the voice of the class: Yann Rebelo, class representative.

Class Representative

As the Academy year came to a close, it´s time to shine a light on the voice of the class: Yann Rebelo, class representative.

What's your background? Why did you join the Academy?

I am a hairdresser graduate but realized that I wanted something else: I was attracted by the worlds of Beauty and Fashion. I started watching online tutorials and learning a few make-up tricks. I then heard about the Academy and everything happened so fast: application, interview, admission then the first day of class.
This was a new universe to me, but there are so many things to learn.

You had initially registered for the 6 months training, but you asked to extend for the 10 months training. Why?

I can’t draw and didn’t feel much for artistic make-up, I had preferred to focus on Beauty. But the more the training progressed, the more I was growing in this vast, varied, complex and beautiful world. Six months weren’t enough! I wasn’t looking for an addition to my hairdresser training but rather a full on training.

Why did you want to be class representative?

I like the communal aspect of it, it’s important to me to help people and feel useful. I wanted to represent the class, it’s a role I was ready to take on.

What were your first impressions?

It’s a role the students were taking seriously, they came to me straight away.
I listened to their expectations at first and understood that my role wouldn’t just be to give information or requests to the teachers.

What did you have to deal with?

Mainly students feeling blue, I was then trying to make them relativize and laugh.
There were a few disagreements between students. I couldn’t take side and needed to soothe things down the best I could.

As class rep, did you initiate ideas?

This role helped to get to know my classmates better and create group cohesion: we would often see each other outside the Academy.
I organized meetings at lunchtime to enable students to share their problems or messages to give the teachers.
Once the students settled in, I was less needed than at first.

What were your relationship with the teachers?

I was able to talk and exchange with them frankly and they were all ears. I believe my role enabled me to have a privileged relationship with them.

You were there during the class councils each trimester. What can you tell us about them?

This is when my role was the most important. I would organize, before the council, a meeting with the students to gather the messages they wanted to pass on or personal things for some.
The councils were a real moment of discussion. I was able to contribute by talking about the students, defending them if I felt necessary, explaining situations for everyone to better understand some behaviors.
I would of course debrief the students the next day, while respecting confidentiality.

What’s your best memory?

November’s Open House without a doubt! I was able to speak out, represent the class and share our first impressions. The second Open House I attended was different – I was less a newbie – but as interesting.
My saddest memory is when a student had to leave, due to health problems. We could see he didn’t want it to be the end of his training, but he had no other choice.

What do you think are the necessary qualities to be a good class rep?

You need to be available, patient, open and discreet.

If you had a few words for the next class rep…

I wish him a class like ours. All speakers and graduates told us we were very close.

What are you going to do now?

A year ago, I had never held a brush and now I love it. I’ve learned technique at the Academy, but I’ve also noticed that the way I look at things has changed, I see much more. You need to stand out on top of mastering an excellent technique. I would love to freelance and travel, work on shootings or TV sets.

What can we wish you?

To work! To succeed in being a Make-up Artist. You can follow my work on my website yannrebelo.com.

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