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Art of Black Liners

Learn how to create your favorite shape!

Art of Black Liners

Learn how to create your favorite shape!

Get creative with 3 different liners:


Slide 2: Created with the calligraphic accuracy of the Ink Liner, this liner is based on a winged liner that is stretched all over the eyelid in wavy movements. Based on the pressure applied, the lines are adjusted creating thicker and thinner lines.
To make it even more daring, the makeup is finalized with a black line along the lower lash line.

Slide 3: The execution of this beautiful artistic liner, is created using the Graphic liner following the straight liner technique. To make it more impactful, add thickness to your liner.

Then, to add more design and movement, draw 2 wavy lines starting from the inner corner of the eye in the direction of the temples.

Slide 4: Due to Aqua Liner’s precision, the bold turquoise colour is firstly applied as a straight liner. For a contrasting effect, the Graphic Liner is then added on top to give a Black vinyl effect result.
Finally, for a colorful effect, the gold & turquoise Aqua Liner are added along the base of the lower lashes and into the crease.

Slide 5: This bold liner starts with a thick and straight line along the upper lashline.
Thanks to the precision of the Graphic Liner, the first line is quickly surrounded by 2 others.
One that takes flight upwards crossing the eyebrow extending beyond the temples.
The second one, an arabesque with various thickness around the cheekbone.