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Power up your makeup with STEP 1 EYE & LIP PRIMER
Power up your makeup with STEP 1 EYE & LIP PRIMER

Power up your makeup with STEP 1 EYE & LIP PRIMER

Inspired by backstage pro techniques, primers have become an essential step of any makeup routine to prepare the skin and boost the power of makeup. Just as artists, makeup professionals agree that preparation is key for perfect flawless skin.

In order to answer this specific need, MAKE UP FOR EVER created in 2015 its iconic STEP 1 EQUALIZER range, to provide every skin type with the perfect base for makeup. The 11 expert formulas are more than primers, there are equalizers that balance color, transform the skin texture and invisibly correct. STEP 1 EQUALIZER range is your best ally to optimize makeup application and hold for pro results.

Today, MAKE UP FOR EVER goes further and reasserts its expertise in primers by creating STEP 1 EYE & LIP PRIMER, its first primer that works both on eyelids and lips to make eye shadows and lipsticks stay put. Discover its triple action formula that prepares the skin texture, enhances color intensity* and traps pigments for long lasting makeup.

PREPARE: STEP 1 EYE & LIP PRIMER glides easily thanks to a comfort-gel texture that minimizes the appearance of fine wrinkles and imperfections for an instantly visible smoothing effect.

MAXIMIZE: Colors need a smooth base to reveal all their intensity. STEP 1 EYE & LIP PRIMER catches and optimizes every color with its depth, shine and purity.

LOCK: STEP 1 EYE & LIP PRIMER traps the pigments on the skin surface to improve its resistance for a perfect makeup that holds up to 24 hours**. Power up your makeup!


* Only for eye shadows.
**24 hours on eyelids and 12 hours on lips. Instrumental test on 21 women.

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