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Makeup on ice

Our makeup artist, Julie Dupy, shares her experiences amongst the ice skaters.

Makeup on ice

Our makeup artist, Julie Dupy, shares her experiences amongst the ice skaters.

As the official partner of the French Ice Skating Federation, MAKE UP FOR EVER is there on the ice, and, at each event our makeup artist Julie Dupy and her team do the makeup for the ice skaters. But how does it work exactly? First of all, Julie talks with the team’s coach to get the lowdown on the theme of the event and color of the costumes. She then draws face charts for the makeup and gets the coach’s validation. The day of the competition she arrives with a makeup case full of products: foundation, powder, strass, glitters, false lashes, diamond powder, mascara, etc… and does the competition look with her team.

The ice skating competition rules are specific: participants’ makeup must have an ‘elongated‘ look in order to be seen from afar, but makeup artists can’t transform the face; they can only enhance the skater’s beauty, not change it.

Another rule: participants have to apply false lashes. It’s the same for swimming and gymnastics! So Julie has to abide by the regulations when she’s coming up with the team’s new look. Moreover, as the ice is white, the light reflection on the skin is faded so Julie enhances the skin with orange or fuchsia blush shades to bring light to the face. In order to fight against sweat and all the water drunk by the participants, she applies Aqua Lip Liner and Aqua Rouge lipstick for very long-wearing waterproof lips. That’s the best way to keep a beautiful look on the ice for a while.

During the last French Ice Skating Master’s, three teams had the good fortune to be taken on by Julie. For the first team, the theme of the show was Fire; their leotards were orange and fluorescent yellow so Julie created an orange, golden look using an orange matte eyeshadow, black liner and a golden powder.

For the second team, the theme was “The Warriors” and the skaters wore a brown and turquoise-blue costume. The look for the team was both golden and blue. Julie did a blue and grey smoky look on eyes, with black liner to elongate the whole look. Lips were dynamic in fuchsia.

The third team danced to the theme of Storm and Julie created a grey look, with grey smoky eyes accented with some diamond and red velvet lips.

Every event is always a great challenge and opportunity to push the boundaries with the makeup and then teach the athletes how to reproduce the look themselves. Enjoy our slideshow!

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