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“Create and Educate to Elevate” is MAKE UP FOR EVER’s motto. It’s as true today as ever before.

Inspired to share

Passing on what I have learned is a true passion for me. That is surely what teaching is all about: communicating, and helping others benefit from what we have discovered.

Make Up SchoolMake Up School

Inspired to share

“Create and Educate to Elevate” is MAKE UP FOR EVER’s motto. It’s as true today as ever before.

No matter who you talk to at MAKE UP FOR EVER, everybody seems to exude the same positive, artistic energy. It’s like one big, happy family. Anyone who has ever spent time with Dany Sanz, Founder and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER, knows where it comes from. Creativity, a thirst for beauty and a seemingly bottomless sense of artistry infuse all she does. And she’s never been one to keep it to herself.

Inspired to share and pass on her vast knowledge and love for makeup, Dany founded the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy Paris 10 years ago. There are now 10 dotted around the globe. More than just a makeup school, MAKE UP FOR EVER Academies were conceived to be hothouses of creativity. They have a reputation for living up to that original blueprint, and to be places of excellence where standards are set.

The culture of learning extends to everyone working at MAKE UP FOR EVER stores as well. They all undergo extensive and ongoing training, always taking in new ideas and inspiration. That means that wherever in the world you are, you’ll get consistent, totally MAKE UP FOR EVER service!

An amazing tool for our customers, Make Up School provides access to the latest looks and professional application techniques to ensure that if you leave our stores loving a look, you can duplicate it at home anytime you like. Love the latest smoky eye look? You can be sure you’ll be shown the same, consistent pro application techniques whether you’re in Paris, Shanghai or anywhere in between. Did we say that Make Up School is personalized? If you haven’t experienced a class yet, what are you waiting for? And if you have, maybe it’s time to book a new one!  Learning never stops. It’s such a beautiful idea.

At MAKE UP FOR EVER, we have always inherently known that you can’t keep what you’ve got unless you pass it on.  So please pass it on.

Discover Online Make Up School videos at www.makeupforever.com/learn

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