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Brow Liner
Intense Brow Definer

This tinted brow liner gives a smooth, buildable application thanks to a long lasting and light formula.



Step by step

Fierce, edgy, bold. Welcome to The Brow Show and express your brows like a pro.

Steps 2 / 4:

A. Using Brow Liner outline the eyebrow as shown.B. Draw a line on the base of the eyebrow with Brow Pencil.

Steps 3 / 4:

A. Fill in the brow using Brow Pencil in a dark shade.B. Start to brush the brow from the base upwards using Brow Gel and using a pair of tweezers spike it together at the end as shown.

Steps 4 / 4:

A. Draw hair like structures using the tip of Brow Liner applicator. Apply Brow Gel to fix the brow hair in place.B. Using Brow Liner from the base of the brow, shade it half way through to give an ombré effect.


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