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Pro Sculpting Brow
3-in-1 Brow Sculpting Pen

Become a brow expert with new Make Up For Ever PRO SCULPTING BROW. This 3-in-1 tool works to define, contour and highlight brows for a perfectly sculpted, transformed look.



Step By Step

Learn how to recreate perfect eyebrow s in 4 steps.

Steps 2 / 6:

Brush the eyebrow up and down in order to redefine the line and make it easier to apply the color.

Steps 3 / 6: COLOR

Apply the color by gently stroking over the sparse areas. Use the tip of the pencil on the bottom eyebrow hairs to intensify them and create a "natural line."

Steps 4 / 6: BRUSH

Brush the eyebrow again to blend the color.

Steps 5 / 6: ILLUMINATE

Apply a touch of light at the brow bone to highlight the eyes.

Steps 6 / 6: THE RESULT

To finish your makeup, apply Brow Seal to set the eyebrow hairs and achieve a long-lasting result.


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