Step by step

A sophisticated blue monochrome eye result for a bold makeup look, sustained by an unexpected blush duo of yellow and pink tones.

Steps 2 / 8:

Apply a thin and regular layer of Eye prime on top of the entire eyelid and let it dry, eyes closed.

Steps 3 / 8:

Apply Artist Shadow  #D-236 over the entire upper eyelid, and on the lower lashline. Brush #228

Steps 4 / 8:

Using a dark blue eye shadow, intensify the upper and lower lash line, as well as the crease. Brush #201

Steps 5 / 8:

Apply the Smoky Extravagant Mascara and the white khôl on the waterline.

Steps 6 / 8:

Sculpt the cheek using shade #S-852. Brush #150

Steps 7 / 8:

Apply shade  #ME-400 on the upper cheekbone, and blend it in with the previous applied pink shade. Brush #144

Steps 8 / 8: The Result

Finish by applying Aqua Lip #16C and, Rouge Artist Intense pink fushia #36 mixed with Super Lip Gloss #00 Brush #304