Discover our collection of concealers to correct, contour, and highlight. Ranging from medium to full coverage, find the concealer that's right for you.

  • Correctors and concealers; to create your ideal complexion every time

    Dark circles, fine lines, and imperfections on the face can be camouflaged with the MAKE UP FOR EVER corrector and concealer range. Your best friends for a flawless complexion, correctors, and concealers have a multitude of benefits for perfecting your makeup. Correctors and concealers are used to hide signs of fatigue, even out the complexion, add radiance, and correct imperfections. They are essential basics for your makeup bag.

    Choosing the right corrector

    Correctors and concealers can come in sticks. In this format, they are easy to carry around when on the move, so you can easily do makeup touch-ups throughout the day. You may also find them packaged in a tube or palette. Some are equipped with a brush tip to facilitate their application. Correctors and concealers are there to cover up small skin flaws. Depending on your needs, you can opt for light or more sustained coverage on the most affected areas of the face. Certain formulas, particularly those providing extra coverage, make it possible to hide tattoos, skin depigmentation, scars, and birthmarks. If you play sports or if the weather is particularly hot or humid, choose waterproof formulas that are water-resistant. This way, your concealer won't run. Whatever your needs, it’s best to choose light, liquid concealer formulas not to make imperfections stand out even more.

    What shade of concealer should I choose?

    The shade of concealer should be similar to your foundation so that there is no visible line. It can be a lighter tone, but that’s all. A shade that is too dark accentuates flaws and makes signs of fatigue more obvious. To illuminate and bring radiance to certain areas of the face, you can go up to two shades lighter. And if you want to sculpt and play with contrasts, two shades darker will be perfect.

    How should I apply correctors and concealers?

    Correctors and concealers should always be applied sparingly so as not to overload the skin with product. Only apply the corrector to the imperfection and blend it by gently tapping with your finger. If you use our underpainting palette, the concealer must be placed under the foundation. Other correctors, however, can go under or over foundation or powder, depending on your personal make-up preferences.

    Once you have applied your corrector and foundation, lightly powder your face with a loose powder or use a fixing/setting mist.

    Brushes for professional application

    The application of correctors or concealers can be done with your finger, a brush, or a sponge, depending on the desired effect. Brushes are great for targeted application of correctors. They are used to camouflage a small pimple or redness but also to make your final look stand out. Use very fine brushes that allow a clean and precise application. Flat brushes are more suitable for working on a larger area.

    Sponges can also be used to apply correctors and concealers. We usually use sponges to apply foundation, but they can also be used to blend correctors with the skin.