Intensify your makeup with a range of eye products. Discover long-wearing eyeliner and eye pencils to create natural, bold, and irresistible eyes.

  • Intensify your gaze with eyeliner
    Make your eyes stand out using MAKE UP FOR EVER eyeliners in vibrant colors. Beginners and pros alike can opt for the traditional eyeliner pencil, which glides easily and precisely over the eyelid. Choose liquid eyeliner if you want deep, long-lasting color.
    For an alluring smoky eye effect, apply a gel eyeliner that melts into the skin and creates intense shadows. There are endless possible creations; let your imagination run wild!
    No matter your look and makeup requirements, we’re sure you’ll find a MAKE UP FOR EVER eyeliner that suits you.

    Transform your eyes with eyeliner
    Create charming cat eyes or a sultry smoky eye look by applying one of our high-quality eyeliners. These are user-friendly for beginners as well as makeup professionals. Whether your eye makeup is natural or more intense in the evening, MAKE UP FOR EVER offers a wide range of eyeliners that ensure long-lasting, smudge-free, and water-resistant lines.
    Eyeliners are very easy to remove with eye makeup remover.For this sensitive face area, we have designed very gentle makeup removers that do not irritate the skin, even if you use waterproof eyeliner.

    How to correctly apply eyeliner?
    Eyeliner pencils are generally easier to apply than liquid formulas. They’re the best option for beginners. Here are some tips for successful eyeliner: start with good preparation. It is recommended to apply an eye primer before applying your eyeshadows and eyeliner. This will ensure your makeup lasts longer by preventing it from running.

    First place the eye shadow(s) on your eyelids, then draw a line of eyeliner along the eyelashes. To finish, apply your mascara. When done in this order, your makeup will not smudge. Always ensure the applied product is completely dry before proceeding to the next step. Do you want to know our secret to the perfect eyeliner line? Draw dots or dashes with your eyeliner along the lashes instead of drawing solid lines. You can then connect these dots to create a neat line that enhances your eyes.

    For a more romantic look, you can smudge and blur your eyeliner slightly using a cotton bud or a round brush. The line drawn will thus be less pronounced and more subtle. This is also a great technique for creating a quick smoky eye. To create this look, use a black eyeliner with strong pigments, such as a soft kohl pencil. If your hand has shaken or slipped, you can use a cotton bud to remove any excess by wetting it with an eye makeup remover and gently wiping it over the smudges.

    Find the perfect eyeliner for you!
    No matter your favorite looks, your makeup bag isn’t complete without eyeliner. For extreme precision and a bewitching feline effect, go for a liquid eyeliner. AQUA RESIST COLOR INK will be your best friend. Available in 9 intense colors, its 24-hour hold means you don’t have to touch up during the day. For a bold effect, the kohl pencil is ideal for emphasizing the curve of your eyes. The texture, specially adapted to the skin around the eyes, makes your look deep and vibrant.

    To add a touch of fun to your look, opt for a colorful liquid or pencil eyeliner. Copper, water green, or fuchsia, MAKE UP FOR EVER offers a wide range of colors. You’ll always find the perfect shade for you. Browse the range of MAKE UP FOR EVER eyeliners today; unleash your creativity and create an intense look to suit your personality.