Illuminate your skin with highlighter. Discover MAKE UP FOR EVER powder, cream, and liquid textures to create a natural glow.

  • Highlighters for a fresh and luminous complexion
    Highlighter, also called an illuminator or complexion illuminator, gives your face radiance, shine, and a natural glow. After applying your foundation, a highlighter is placed in very specific areas to reflect light and create a glowing complexion. Highlighters are suitable for all skin types and tones. Our professional range of highlighters will allow you to have radiant skin wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

    What texture should I use for a highlighter?
    Highlighter is available in liquid, cream, or powder versions. Powder highlighters are particularly recommended if you have combination or oily skin. They will illuminate your complexion while controlling any unwanted shine. Dry skin will appreciate creamy highlighter textures, which have greater moisturizing effects.

    How do I choose a highlighter shade?
    Highlighters are formulated with flat pearls that reflect light but don't shimmer. The complexion finish is, therefore, more natural and very fresh. Fair skin is best highlighted with a pink champagne or golden champagne shade. Olive and dark skin tones are enhanced by applying a rosy copper or golden copper highlighter shade. All these luminous shades are available with the MAKE UP FOR EVER liquid highlighter.

    ULTRA HD SOFT LIGHT, a professional liquid highlighter
    ULTRA HD SOFT LIGHT impresses with its ease of use and stunning results. Packaged in liquid form, it is easily applied with a brush or sponge. The finish creates a glowy and luminous complexion. This complexion illuminator is available in 4 shades: pink champagne, golden champagne, pink copper, and golden copper. There’s a perfect match for every skin tone. ULTRA HD SOFT LIGHT redefines the shape of your face by adding touches of light where you want them.

    Creating successful strobing effects with a highlighter
    Have you heard of strobing effects? It is a makeup technique that aims to create a fresh and luminous complexion in just a few strokes. If you are already familiar with contouring, which sculpts the face by accentuating its shaded areas, strobing is the opposite. We look to illuminate specific areas of the face that spontaneously reflect the light to highlight the complexion for a natural finish. For successful strobing effects, you must first apply your usual makeup. Choose a foundation adapted to your complexion, then use a concealer to camouflage unwanted skin imperfections. Then, apply your highlighter to the middle of the forehead, the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and the cupid's bow of the mouth (the rounded part in the heart, above your upper lip). Use a sponge or fine brush to blend your highlighter into your skin for a seamless, natural finish. Finish your face makeup with a loose powder or setting spray.

    Essential tools for applying your highlighter
    If you like to apply makeup to your face with a brush, choose a flat brush smaller than the one used for applying foundation. This allows for clear and precise application of the highlighter. Highlighters also spread very well with a sponge. You can easily blend the product in until your complexion is luminous and radiant.