• The brush, the secret to professional-looking makeup
    The brush is an essential tool for obtaining perfect makeup! It allows you to be precise and control the product coverage as it is applied to the skin. The makeup brush is also used to smooth liquid and creamy textures for a sublime satin finish. There are makeup brushes for all parts of your face: the face, eyes, and lips; find the one that best suits you!

    The different types of makeup brushes
    The foundation brush
    A foundation brush allows you to apply your foundation with precision while creating a smooth and natural finish. It is the essential tool for successful contouring! A flat brush works particularly well with fluid and cream foundation. Dense, domed brushes are great for powders. If you want to vary your accessories, you can use sponges to apply your foundation and other complexion products.

    The blush brush
    The blush brush is used for powders and blushes. It allows for finer and more precise brush strokes. The shape of the blush brush may vary. There are half-moon-shaped brushes for a clean line and domed blush brushes for a wider sweeping motion and a more natural finish. The dense flat-tipped brush ensures optimal application of your bronzer for a beautiful finish every time.

    The eye brush
    The eye makeup brush comes in different shapes and sizes: beveled, eyeliner, or tapered. You can thus create different effects depending on your wishes: a light make-up that naturally highlights your look or bewitching smoky eyes. The beveled and eyeliner brushes are for precision and give a graphic effect. They follow the curve of the eyelids to intensify your gaze. The eyeshadow brush is used to apply eyeshadows to the entire eyelid smoothly and evenly.

    The lip brush
    Lip brushes make it easy to apply your lip balms and lipsticks. Flat and square or denser, lip brushes help emphasize the contour of your lips while applying color.

    How to use makeup brushes
    For successful makeup, you need to know how to use the right brushes for each of your products: foundations, eyeshadows, and lipsticks. For compact foundations, apply your powder starting from the inside of your face and move outwards. Use the same technique to apply your blush. For the eyes, choose liquid or creamy eye shadows to apply with a makeup brush. Then draw a clean line of eyeliner using a beveled brush, ensuring it is flush with the eyelashes. For the lips, first highlight the contours using a fine brush. You can then use a denser brush to color the inside.

    How to look after your make-up brushes
    Brushes can be cleaned with a little lukewarm water, but it is best to wash them with a neutral liquid soap or cleansing lotion. Then ensure the bristles are facing in the right direction and let them dry naturally, away from sunlight.