Enhance your complexion with a touch of blush. Create a healthy glow with an array of pink, coral, orange, and plum shades.

  • Blush helps illuminate your face

    Do you want an instant healthy glow? Then consider using blush to give your makeup an instant boost. Blush, also known as blusher, comes as a loose or compact powder. It is applied to the cheekbones using a suitable brush. Rose, coral, terracotta, or even plum, everyone can find the MAKE UP FOR EVER blush that best suits their skin tone.

    Choosing the right blush

    All skin tones can wear blush to illuminate their complexion. If you have fair skin and want natural makeup, opt for light and iridescent colors. Olive skin tones are enhanced by orange, apricot, and iridescent blushes. These colors enhance the complexion and provide an immediate glow. Deep skin tones can wear any color blush. The iridescent textures give them shine, and the more intense colors give a healthy glow to the whole face.

    Previously the Ultra HD Face Essentials Palette and now the HD SKIN ALL-IN-ONE FACE PALETTE: the blush of pro makeup artists

    HD SKIN ALL-IN-ONE FACE PALETTE is more than just a simple blush. This palette contains 6 foundation colors and 6 blusher colors. It allows you to create a range of tones perfectly suited to your skin tone. The second skin effect of the palette’s creamy textures is stunning and provides a satin finish.

    ARTIST FACE COLOR REFILLS: your made-to-measure blush

    ARTIST FACE COLOR REFILLS offer the possibility of creating a custom-made blush by selecting your favorite shade. Choose the shades that best suit you to illuminate and sculpt your face, adding an extra touch of radiance.

    Applying blush

    Whether you've opted for a pressed or loose powder blush, it is best applied with a brush for a flawless and neat finish. Ensure your foundation is perfectly dry before applying your blush to avoid color and product transfer. Start by taking a little product and blowing gently on your brush if you think there is too much. It is easier to add more blush than to remove it, especially if you have been a little heavy-handed. Then, gently stroke over your cheek and cheekbone. Blend it with a brush until you get the desired finish. You can choose to make small circular movements or stretch the blush from the inside to the outside of the face for a gradient effect.

    Choosing the right brush for applying your blush

    Makeup rules state that blush should be applied with a brush on the previously-applied dry foundation. Various kinds of brushes are specially designed for applying blush. To avoid being too harsh with the delicate skin on your face, the brush hairs should be particularly soft. For a natural healthy glow effect, use a round, dense brush that allows you to make small circular movements. A long, tapered brush will be your best tool if you prefer to work your blush more distinctly or create a gradient effect. Remember to clean your brushes after each use to avoid the build-up of bacteria, which can cause pimples and redness.