For moisturized lips, discover MAKE UP FOR EVER lip care products. Moisturizing balm and plumping serum help create a base for the lips, to hydrate, prepare, and deliver a better hold of your lipstick.

  • Lip care for a fabulous smile
    The skin of the lips is both thin and delicate. Consequently, it is fragile and requires specific care. Too often forgotten, it is important to protect your lips well and provide appropriate care during your daily beauty routine. The MAKE UP FOR EVER lip care range protects, hydrates, gives volume, and colors your lips.

    Why is it so important to take care of your lips? When outdoors, lips are subject to numerous harmful elements. This comes mainly from the wind, cold, and sun. When indoors, heating and air conditioning systems dry out the skin. Faced with these daily elements, the lips dry out, becoming. Unsightly and often painful, damaged lips need care to be deeply nourished and given volume.It is, therefore, impossible to ignore the need for effective daily hydration.

    How do I take care of my lips?
    The skin on the lips is much thinner than on the face and does not produce sebum. It, therefore, has no natural barrier to protect it. To take care of your lips, you must start by nourishing them daily with a lip balm or a plumping serum. These treatments can be applied to the lips at any time of the day when they are dry, peeling, or cracking. MAKE UP FOR EVER lip care help protect this delicate skin from external environmental factors. They soothe, nourish, and give the lips volume.

    The extraordinary ULTRA HD LIP BOOSTER
    This plumping, moisturizing serum is recommended for tired and damaged lips. As soon as the need arises, its soft texture calms the feeling of tightness, and the lips are quickly and deeply nourished and plumped. Daily application moisturizes your lips, gives them long-lasting protection, and prepares them before applying makeup. Don’t think twice about applying a thick layer, like a mask, on very damaged lips, and leave it on overnight. Available in Universal, Cinema, and Rose shades, this lip treatment can be worn alone or under lipstick, making it last longer.

    How do I choose my lipstick carefully?
    From nude to ultra-pigmented color, the MAKE UP FOR EVER lipstick range comes in many shades to enhance your lips. Our lipsticks offer a luminous, matte, or glossy finish. They are moisturizing and long-lasting. They are available in a stick or tube and can be applied with your finger, a brush, or directly on the lips, depending on your preferred lip makeup routine.

    How do I apply makeup to my lips?
    Application always follows the same rule: follow the lip line from the center outwards, following the natural line. If you go slightly beyond this line, your mouth will appear slightly fuller. The lip line is drawn with a pencil or brush. Lip pencils outline the lines of your mouth very precisely and prevent lipstick from smudging - it's a must-have in your makeup bag. For a plumping effect, opt for a pencil shade one tone darker than your lipstick and blend with a brush towards the center of the mouth. Choose the same shade, or a tone below, for a more natural effect. Lip brushes are perfect for professionally applying lipstick or gloss. Use the end of the brush to carefully outline your lip line and then the flat end to smooth. To accentuate the cupid's bow, create a point of light with a highlighter above the upper lip, then blend with a sponge.