Precisely define and shade lips with MAKE UP FOR EVER lip brushes. Discover various brushes to be used with a selection of lipsticks and lip products.

  • The lip brush, a makeup bag essential
    MAKE UP FOR EVER lip brushes are essentials for your makeup routine. Contour, define, and subtly accentuate your lipline for an immediate smile boost. Lip brushes are the ideal companions for all your lipsticks. Whether you’re working with a matte, satin, or shiny product, the brushes allow you to work with your lip color while outlining your mouth. Designed and used by professionals, MAKE UP FOR EVER lip brushes allow precise product application, with a smoothing effect to give shine and hold.

    How do you use a lip brush?
    Lip brushes allow you to apply your lipstick or gloss evenly. They are handy for applying lipsticks with a deep or dark color. Choose a long, thin lip brush for a well-defined line around the mouth. The retractable brush is very easy to take with you everywhere and is ideal for touch-ups during the day. Curved lip brushes will help smooth on matte and velvety lipsticks for an even and more radiant look. A long-handled lip brush allows for a better grip. Curved and tapered bristles provide more precision and help avoid smudging.

    Our range of lip brushes
    MAKE UP FOR EVER lip brushes are designed to apply lip care and lipstick with the utmost precision. They also allow you to blend lip pencils and set the product, so it doesn’t run into the fine lines around the mouth.

    The #300 lip brush
    Choose our #300 lip brush for an even and professional application. This lip brush is ideal for beginners and professionals alike. Flat and square, it offers very easy application of your lip care products and lipsticks. It is made of straight synthetic fibers, providing incomparable softness during use.

    The #304 lip brush
    The #304 lip brush is denser and has a metal case. This lip brush is perfect for precise and quick application of lipstick or gloss. Thanks to its case, you can easily slip it into your bag for touch-ups during the day. This brush can also be used for pencil or lipstick gradient effects for a light and natural finish. Its metal case makes it possible to lengthen the brush and thus offers a better grip during use. Get irresistible lips by using a lip brush in your makeup routine. Whether you’re looking for luscious and colourful lips, or a natural and radiant smile, discover the MAKE UP FOR EVER lip brushes that suit you best to achieve the look you want.

    How do you look after lip brushes?
    To prolong the life of your brushes, it is imperative to clean them regularly and thoroughly. It is advisable to rinse them with hot water after use and wash them with neutral soap once a week. Let your brushes dry flat and away from the sun, which can damage the bristles. Once dry, store your brushes away from dust in a specially designed makeup bag. Like all other makeup accessories and tools, they should be replaced when the bristles become stiff or start to fray.