Discover bronzing powder to sculpt the face and create a healthy glow. Natural and satin finishes give a little shimmer to the skin for a tan, bronzed complexion year-round.

  • Bronzer for a tanned complexion all year round

    Keeping your summer tan all year round is now possible, thanks to bronzers. They give your complexion a warm and healthy glow. Easy to apply, bronzing powders highlight the face by sculpting it and adding radiance. MAKE UP FOR EVER bronzing powders are available in a wide range of shades, and there’s one for every complexion.

    The advantages of bronzing powders

    Bronzing powder, also called bronzer, gives your skin a golden glow without exposure to UV rays. Bronzing powders give a very natural finish without unsightly lines or a masked appearance. They are also used to create contours by sculpting and shading the face. Depending on their specific formulations, some bronzers are waterproof -- therefore, the makeup does not run, even while playing sports or walking in the rain.

    PRO BRONZE FUSION bronzing powder

    PRO BRONZE FUSION is a compact bronzing powder that gives you a sun-kissed complexion every day. It leaves a natural finish without residue or a powdery effect. This bronzer is available in 4 shades. Choose a matte color, such as honey, sand, or sienna, for a bronzed or contoured effect. The cinnamon shade is iridescent. It adds shine and highlights the curved parts of the face. PRO BRONZE FUSION bronzing powder is applied with a brush after your foundation. It is applied to different areas of the face, depending on the desired result. For a healthy, natural glow, apply your bronzer to areas of the face that catch the sun quickly, such as the forehead, the bridge of the nose, and the cheekbones. This sun powder is also your best friend for successful contouring. To sculpt the upper face, apply bronzer on the cheeks, then move up towards the temples and the forehead. To sculpt the lower face, start from the cheeks and go downward towards the jaws and the point of the chin. Always work the material by making light movements in the shape of a number 3. PRO BRONZE FUSION powder can also be applied to bare skin that is already tanned. It will accentuate your tan in a very natural way.

    The professional palette

    The PRO SCULPTING PALETTE is a must-have item in your make-up bag. This palette offers many possibilities for sculpting, highlighting, illuminating, and shading your face. It comes in 4 shades (light, medium, tan, and deep), so there’s one for every skin tone. The colors in this palette are creamy and easy to apply and can be mixed using a brush. It has a tutorial that advises on the correct professional application methods.

    Which brush should I choose to apply a bronzer?

    MAKE UP FOR EVER brushes are designed to adapt to the application method for each product. You’ll find the ideal brush depending on the area of the face and the product you’re working with. To apply a bronzing powder, choose a KABUKI brush. This ergonomic brush fits well in your hand and allows you to perform the right application movements. Its synthetic fiber bristles are very soft and glide easily over the skin. It can be used for applying compact and loose powders.