The secret to an intense look? Discover MAKE UP FOR EVER mascaras for ultimate lash length and long-lasting volume. Available in waterproof formulas.

  • Our mascaras - the secret to an intense gaze
    The secret to luminous, irresistible eyes? A well-applied mascara to complete your makeup look. MAKE UP FOR EVER offers a wide range of mascaras with different effects and colors. From lengthening to volumizing, mascaras have different properties depending on your needs and intended result. A deep black mascara intensifies your look while using a brown mascara gives you a soft and elegant look. The flashy shades allow you to create bold looks that do not go unnoticed!

    Volumizing, lengthening, and waterproof mascaras
    If your goal is to lengthen your lashes and give them a nice curl, use an eyelash curler or eye primer before applying a lengthening mascara. AQUA SEAL fluid transforms your eye makeup by multiplying the effect of your mascara and making it waterproof. It is an ideal product, especially if you practice sports or go out in rainy weather. Its alcohol-free formula does not irritate the skin and gives your mascara a fool proof hold. With this product, your mascara will leave no trace on your eyelids. If you are looking for a fuller and stunning look, there is the AQUA SMOKY EXTRAVAGANT waterproof mascara. Its ergo-conical brush lengthens and separates lashes with great precision. It’s very intense black pigments give a theatrical and magnetic look. Are you dreaming of eyelashes that stretch to infinity? Our SMOKY STRETCH mascara is the product for you! It considerably lengthens your eyelashes and gives you an irresistible natural, and romantic look. Discover our newest 2-step mascara to unleash your desired length and volume. The Professionall Mascara allows you to combine both steps or wear it alone, depending on your eyelash preference.

    The steps to successful eye makeup
    For successful eye makeup, you must perform these steps in the right order: first, apply a primer to your eyelids and eyelashes. Once dry, you can apply your eyeshadow, then your pencil or eyeliner, as desired. Lastly, finish off your eye look with the mascara of your choice. In this order, you avoid smudging any step, and your makeup lasts longer. MAKE UP FOR EVER offers a wide selection of eyeshadows. Soft and natural sticks, as well as a variety of colorful graphic powders.

    How do I apply mascara?
    Want to know how to apply your mascara properly? First, you must have clean, dry eyelashes free of any makeup residue. You can then use an eyelash brush to remove any falling hairs and separate the eyelashes from each other. Apply a layer of mascara starting from the root of your lashes. Pull them upwards for the upper lashes and downwards for the lower lashes. PRO TIP: make a small zigzag along the lashes to hook them well to the brush of your mascara. If you want a particularly intense and bold look, wait for your volumizing mascara to dry, and then apply a second coat.

    How do I remove mascara?
    There are different ways to remove your mascara. For example, you can use lukewarm water on a cotton pad that you leave on your closed eyes for a few seconds. Thus, the mascara dissolves gently and will be very easy to wipe off. MAKE UP FOR EVER has developed extremely gentle make-up removers that allow any mascara residue to be removed from your eyelashes. Our gel products are formulated without mineral oils and is both practical and gentle. It also leaves no oily veil on the eyes. And a little trick, it can also be used to remove makeup from your lips as well.