Enhance and precisely line lips with long-lasting color. Discover best-selling MAKE UP FOR EVER lip pencil and lip liners in a variety of colors.

  • Irresistible lips with our lip pencils
    Lip pencils are used to outline, define, and plump your lips. In just a few seconds, you can have irresistible full and lined lips! MAKE UP FOR EVER pencils have concentrated pigments, are easy to use, and ensure your makeup lasts.

    Lip pencils enhance your lips
    The lip pencil is an essential makeup product to enhance your lips and give radiance to the entire face. It allows you to play with your lips’ size, shape, and color, highlighting them naturally or making them more voluptuous according to your desires. To be effective, a lip pencil must be well-maintained. Therefore, a pencil sharpener is always important in your makeup bag. That way, you’ll always have a sharpened pencil ready for use.

    How do you use a lip pencil?
    The best way to draw a beautiful lip line is to use a pencil starting from the center of the mouth and work downwards towards the corners. Repeat several times over the same lines until you obtain the desired shade. To create thicker lips, you will use the same gesture by placing the pencil on the outer line of your mouth. This will create more plump and voluminous lips. Our best-selling, multi-purpose ARTIST COLOR PENCIL combines precision with vibrant color. It’s easy to blend, creating a harmonious look with the color of your mouth or that of your lipstick. Available in various shades, the ARTIST COLOR PENCIL extends the wear of your lipstick, preventing it from smudging into the fine lines around your mouth. Another technique for fixing your lipstick is to line your lips completely before applying your lipstick with a brush. Thus, it adheres better to the lips and keeps a more radiant color throughout the day.

    The lip pencil, a makeup bag essential
    Lip liner can also be worn on its own, a shade or two above the natural color of your lips. Your mouth will be well-defined and naturally highlighted using this technique. Choose a pinkish-red or orangey-red shade that goes with your face. Then lightly trace the natural line of the lips to better define their shape. For fuller lips, go slightly beyond the natural line of your lips. Once the contours have been drawn, blend the edges towards the center of your lips using a brush. Then, you have to finish off your look with a layer of transparent gloss for added shine. With this technique, you will be made up while remaining natural. It will also be easy to make a few touch-ups during the day. Is this the first time you’ve used a lip pencil? A nude color is an easy and risk-free choice. You can apply it all over your lips as a base color and then apply a little lip balm on top to keep lips well hydrated. Using a lip care product on top of your lip pencil is recommended. This adds shine to the lips while nourishing them and protecting them from external elements. Give your lips a sculpted and glossy look with MAKE UP FOR EVER long-lasting lip pencils. Want to make your lips stand out for an evening? Don’t hesitate to choose a deep shade of red to add a touch of radiance to your face.