Thick, thin, sparse, and unruly brows… we've got you covered. Discover eyebrow makeup products and tools that are suitable for all brows.

  • Create a stunning look with eyebrow makeup
    Sculpt, shape, define and arch your eyebrows with MAKE UP FOR EVER brow makeup collection. Eye makeup cannot be top-notch without perfectly sculpted eyebrows. When shaped correctly, your eyebrows frame your look, give it character, and make your completed look bright and radiant. Gels, powders, pencils; there’s a whole range of make-up products to maintain your eyebrows and make them stand out. Choose the right product according to the shape of your eyebrows and the effect you are looking for.

    The different eyebrow make-up products
    Are you a beginner looking for a product that defines your eyebrows easily and with precision? Then use our MAKE UP FOR EVER eyebrow pencils. They have the advantage of giving substance to your eyebrows, filling in sparse hairs while enhancing their natural shape. Eyebrow pencils are a must-have item in your make-up bag. Tinted wax tames and fixes unruly eyebrows. It also keeps them in place throughout the day. Use an angled brush to apply the wax along the arch of your eyebrows, then smooth it upwards to accentuate their natural shape. Do you have full and rebellious eyebrows? Then apply eyebrow gel! Our AQUA RESIST BROW FIXER gel enhances the eyebrows by giving them color and definition without weighing them down. Its angled micro-brush tames the eyebrows and fixes them in place for the day. Gels give your brows a trendy velvety effect. You can apply it after a pencil for a look straight out of a fashion show. MAKE UP FOR EVER offers a wide range of technical and innovative make-up for sublime eyebrows. Whether you need to tame your eyebrows or, on the contrary, fill them in and shape them, you’ll find the perfect product.

    Successful eyebrow make-up
    Are you hesitating to choose between different makeup products for your eyebrows? Then choose the PRO SCULPTING BROW PALETTE. This kit, created by our make-up professionals, contains a brow wax, an applicator, a trio of brow powders, and a highlighter. A perfect combination to style, define and sculpt your eyebrows in the blink of an eye. For successful eyebrow make-up, you must first prepare the area before applying a product. If you have used a foundation or a powder, make sure to remove any residue stuck in the eyebrows before applying makeup. Then, style your eyebrows with the help of a brush to separate them and restore their natural shape properly. Once this preparation is done, you can move on to the make-up stage. You then need to work the eyebrow from the inside outwards. Regardless of the product, start by applying make-up to the head of your eyebrow before going up to the arch. Apply your make-up in gradients following the natural growth pattern of your hair. Use light gestures from bottom to top. Please note, when working from the arch to the tip of the eyebrow, you will need to change direction and apply your pencil or gel from top to bottom, always following the direction of the hair growth.

    How do I remove eyebrow make-up?
    To effectively and gently remove makeup from your eyebrows, use our SENS’EYES make-up remover. Its alcohol and mineral oil-free formula removes all traces of make-up while protecting your eyebrow hairs. This make-up remover gel leaves no oily film and is ideal for sensitive skin.