All about the eyes. Create endless looks using the wide range of MAKE UP FOR EVER eyeshadows. Discover bold hues, natural shades, and everything in between.

  • Enhance your look with eyeshadows
    Magnify the power of your eyes with vibrant, intense eyeshadows. Powdery, glittery, shimmering nude, or matte and colorful, be daring and mix the MAKE UP FOR EVER eyeshadows depending on your mood.

    An eyeshadow for every style.
    For daily makeup, stick eyeshadow is a very travel-friendly format and easy to use. The AQUA RESIST SMOKY SHADOW is a 3-in-1 stick that serves as an eyeshadow, kohl pencil, and eyeliner. It is a very soft product and a must-have item in your makeup bag.

    For a romantic and natural effect, apply it with your fingertips to the upper eyelids. You can also use a brush to create a halo effect around the eye area. This technique is ideal for creating a mesmerizing smoky eye effect. If you prefer powder eyeshadows, MAKE UP FOR EVER offers ARTIST COLOR SHADOW eyeshadow in 5 finishes: matte, satin, shimmer, metallic, and diamond. All the shades and finishes are intense and rich in color pigment. These eyeshadows are soft and velvety, lasting up to 12 hours without fading.

    Choose the shades that suit you and create your personalized eyeshadow palette with a refillable magnetic case. The multi-use MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Lit Diamond Powder brings a touch of sparkle to your eyes, face, body, and even hair. Available in various shades, it is made of pure mother-of-pearl and is easy to use for beginners and pros alike.

    Tips for Successful Eye makeup
    Successful makeup starts with an eye primerapplied to clean, dry eyelids. The primer helps keep skin smooth and prevents your blush and pencil from sliding into creases and smudging. Using a primer will ensure the products last throughout the day. After applying, complete your look by adding mascara to your eyelashes. Mascara helps open up and intensify your gaze. This is an essential step for perfect eye makeup. Mascara can be black or brown for a more subtle look or even colorful/neon for a bold finish.

    Professional eye makeup requires well-groomed eyebrows. MAKE UP FOR EVER offers gels, pencils, and mascaras specially adapted to this area of your face. These essentials easily create perfect brows that frame and highlight your eyes. The PRO SCULPTING BROW 4-in-1 product styles, defines and sculpts your brows with professional results. It contains a wax, an applicator, a trio of eyebrow powders, and a highlighter that will beautifully enhance your eye makeup.

    How do you apply eyeshadow?

    There are different ways to wear eyeshadow. The first is to apply it flush with the upper lashes to enhance the curve of your eyes. To do this, use a thin, flat brush for clean, precise lines. In the same way, you can apply it flush with the lower lashes. For fresh, light makeup, apply eyeshadow all over the eyelid, starting from the inner corner of the eye outwards. You can then use a dense and soft shading brush. Then gently tap your eyelid to blend your shadow if necessary. Remember to maintain and clean your brushes regularly to avoid eye irritation. To do this, rinse them with hot water and lather them with a neutral soap. Let them dry flat and away from the sun which can damage the bristles.