For long-lasting lips, look no further. Discover our best-selling lipstick, lip glosses, and lip pencils, available in matte, satin, and glossy finishes.

  • Enhance your lips with our lip makeup
    Outline your lips and add a splash of color with our lip makeup collection. From long-lasting transparent formulas to matte and creamy lipsticks, MAKE UP FOR EVER offers a wide range of lip-friendly lipsticks and accessories. Let your creativity run wild and follow your desires.

    Lip pencils for drawing
    Outline your lips and make them full and luscious, thanks to our range of 4-in-1 lip pencils. These pencils are soft and glide over your lips with ease and precision. Don’t be afraid to change color according to your preferences, as they are available in various shades. MAKE UP FOR EVER
    lip pencils, draw the contours of your lips and give them additional volume. Once your lips have been outlined, all you have to do is fill them with color using lipstick and a lip brush.

    Long-lasting lipsticks
    MAKE UP FOR EVER offers a wide range of lipsticks to suit any needs. For example, you can choose a comfortable and creamy lipstick with deep pigments and a velvety finish. If you're going out after work, don't hesitate to apply a long-lasting lip lacquer that comes in many vibrant colors and lasts all day without budging. MAKE UP FOR EVER lipsticks are fragrance-free, meaning they don’t cause redness or irritation.

    The professional lip brush
    The lip brush is the essential accessory to carry in your makeup bag. It is the perfect tool if you want luscious and defined lips. Our #304 Lip Brush is dense and allows you to outline and color your lips at the same time. Thanks to its straight and thick synthetic fibers, this brush will enhance your lips in the blink of an eye.This lip brush is perfect for precisely and quickly applying lipstick or gloss. It is also great to blend a lip pencil or lip liner. A little something extra: it has a special metal casing that can fit onto the handle to lengthen the brush, allowing you a better grip. To extend the life of your brush, clean it regularly with soapy water and let it dry naturally away from bright light.

    Protect your lips with a balm or serum
    It is important to prepare your lips well in advance to optimize your lip makeup. In particular, you can add shine and moisturize your lips with our ultra-nourishing lip care. Artist Hydrabloom lip balm provides a smoothing and softening effect and subtly enhances the natural color of your lips. Its 24-hour hold helps beautify and hydrate your lips all day long. This balm can also be applied as a mask, in a thick layer, for intense lip hydration. MAKE UP FOR EVER also offers a lip-plumping serum, the Ultra HD Lip Booster. This serum makes your plumps lips by hydrating and smoothing them. MAKE UP FOR EVER lip care can be used alone, for a natural look, or under your lipstick to avoid your lips drying out.