Discover Pro makeup artist essential makeup mists, sealers, and setting sprays. Lock-in makeup, refresh skin, and prolong makeup wear with MAKE UP FOR EVER favorites.

  • Makeup fixers for a flawless complexion
    Fixers prolong makeup wear and give it shine. They take care of your skin while ensuring comfort and hydration. Easy to apply as a mist or with a brush, the makeup fixer is a precious ally for your beauty routine. The MAKE UP FOR EVER range of makeup fixatives is used by beauty professionals and is suitable for all skin types.

    How do you choose a makeup fixer?
    Makeup fixers are most often available in spray form. They must have a light, airy and non-sticky texture to blend easily on the skin. MIST & FIX is particularly good for dry skin because of its hydrating properties. MIST & FIX MATTE is suitable for combination and oily skins to set the skin with any unwanted shine.

    MIST & FIX for dry skin
    Formulated mainly using water and without any added alcohol, the MIST & FIX setting spray ensures your make-up lasts for up to 12 hours. It provides your skin with all the hydration it needs. After spraying MIST & FIX on your face, the healthy glow effect is immediate. Unlike other sprays applied after foundation and concealers, MIST & FIX can be used during every stage of your makeup routine to add additional hydration. If your skin is particularly dehydrated, spray the makeup fixer after your moisturizer or skincare serum. This will leave your skin well-prepared and hydrated. Here, it also plays the role of a foundation. Then continue your makeup routine with your usual products, and finish with a second spray of MIST & FIX. This way, your makeup won't budge, no matter what you do throughout the day. Does your complexion need a touchup during the day? Want to give it some extra radiance? MIST & FIX allows you to refresh your complexion without having to remove your makeup. Simply spray a little product on the face and use a brush to smooth your foundation, and add some more product.

    MIST & FIX MATTE for oily-prone skin
    Combination and oily skin are characterized by excess sebum on the face. These skin types need to be mattified, taking away unwanted shine and preventing makeup from smearing or running. MIST & FIX MATTE is formulated with water, mineral powders, and plant extracts specially selected for their anti-shine properties. This very fine mist reduces the appearance of pores and refines skin texture. MIST & FIX MATTE is applied to combination and oily skin, regardless of whether any makeup has been applied. If you don't wear makeup or use very light makeup, applying the setting spray will give you a mattified and smoother complexion. Any skin imperfections will be minimized. MIST & FIX MATTE can also be applied after foundation to prolong its hold and provide a flawless finish. This fixer can also be used at any time of the day to refresh makeup and control skin shine.

    How do you apply a makeup fixer/setting spray?
    Read the instructions or product how-to to know when to apply your makeup. The use differs depending on how the product has been formulated. Remember to close your eyes when you spray the product on your face. To ensure that your spray sets the makeup on your face perfectly, and avoid any facial expressions while the product is drying.