Step by Step

For this end of the year, learn how to reproduce the festive Holiday Look 2014 by MAKE UP FOR EVER. Transform yourself with boldly applied pearlescent nude, copper and violet shades.

Steps 2 / 10:

Apply a thin and regular layer of Eye prime on top of the entire eyelid and let it dry, eyes closed.

Steps 3 / 10:

Apply Artist Shadow #ME-122 to the upper eyelid and brow bone, without covering the eyelid crease. Brush #228

Steps 4 / 10:

Apply Artist Shadow #D-926 along the lower lash line. Brush #210    

Steps 5 / 10:

Apply Artist Liner along the upper lash line. Apply Artist Liner along the lower lash line and blend with the previously applied #D-926 shade.

Steps 6 / 10:

Apply Artist Shadow D-926 to the eyelid crease, drawing a well-rounded arch, and making sure not to "close" the outer corner of the eye. Brush #212

Steps 7 / 10:

Apply Artist Shadow #ME-728: To the brow bone and then blend in with "banana" shade #D-926, and the light #ME-122 color over the brow bone. To the outer corner of the upper eyelid and blend in with the light #ME-122 shade. Brush #216

Steps 8 / 10:

Apply glitter #103 to the inner corner of the upper eyelid. Brush #224

Steps 9 / 10:

End the eye makeup routine by applying: - Graphic Liner along the upper lash line. - Smoky Extravagant mascara to the upper and lower lashes. - Black Kohl pencil to the inner eye rim.

Steps 10 / 10: The Result

Complete your Holiday Look with: - HD Blush #N-210 on the cheeks. - Flawless brows using the Aqua Brow. - And red lips using the Aqua Lip #8C and Rouge Artist Intense #43.