Make Up For Ever (Professional - Paris) (Home)

step by step instructions


1Birdy Liner

Products used for this look:

  • Eye Shader Brush 226
  • Eye Prime
  • Artist Shadow M-532
  • AQUA XL I-34
  • Eyeliner Brush 258
  • Brow Brush 272
  • Aqua Brow 25
  • Aqua XL M-16
  • Lash Show N-602








Tip /

To optimize the makeup result, use Eyeliner Brush 258 will help you to spread, blend and define the eyeliner, making it easier to create curves and nice shapes.

Define the eyebrows by drawing hairs one at a time with Aqua Brow n°25 following the curve of the brow.
Repeat this technique with AQUA XL M-16 Matte White.

To fill in your lashes with a natural effect, use false lash singles, Lash Show N-602. Apply the first false lash to the root of the natural lashes at the outer corner.
Then apply the second false lash 1 or 2 mm from the first towards the middle of the eyelid.
Don’t forget the Tweezer Applicator which will save you time and help you easily apply the false lashes.







2Sweet Dream Liner

Products used for this look:

  • Aqua XL M-92
  • Aqua XL M-40
  • Artist Shadow M-530
  • Brush 240
  • UHD Concealer
  • Brush 242
  • Aqua Black
  • Aqua Brow 25
  • Brow Brush 270
  • Lash Show N-602
  • Tweezer





Tip /

Play with contrasts and dare to wear color!
As with this look, choose two complementary colors which, set side by side, bring each other out.

Define the line of the eyebrows with Aqua Brow.
At the start of the eyebrows, create the illusion of individual brow hairs with Aqua Black.

Use the flat edge of brush 270 to create the brow hairs at the start of the eyebrows to achieve precision and a sharp line.





3Blue Lagoon Liner

Products used for this look:

  • Eye Prime
  • Aqua XL M-30
  • Aqua XL M-10
  • Aqua XL I-24
  • Bent Eyeliner Brush 260
  • Lift Concealer
  • Precision hilighter brush 144
  • Brow Seal
  • Aqua Brow
  • Brow Brush 270
  • Smoky Lash
  • Tweezers



Tip /

Set the eyebrows with transparent Brow Gel, the ideal product for taming thick eyebrows. Your brow hairs will remain set all day long.

Intensify the eyes with Smoky Lash Black mascara by sticking the lashes together to create a “chunky lash” look.
Use tweezers to achieve the chunky look more easily.
Squeeze the tips of the lashes together so they stick to each other.



4Winged + Liner

Products used for this look:

  • Aqua XL S-20
  • Aquarelle 316
  • Extra fine eyeliner Brush 250
  • Aqua XL S-50
  • Eye Smudger Brush 208
  • Ultra HD Concealer
  • Ultra HD Loose Powder
  • Aqua Brow 40
  • Brow Gel 
  • Brow Brush 270
  • Smoky Stretch
  • Brush 276


Tip /

Use Eye Smudger Brush 208 to stretch and blend your AQUA XL pencil easily. Its flat tip slips right into the crease of the eyelids.
Draw a sharp line along the upper line of the eyebrows and blend downwards to create a “shadow” effect.


5Classic Lift

Products used for this look:

  • Brow Pencil 50
  • Brow Gel
  • Eyelash Brush 272
  • Aqua XL ME-42
  • Aqua XL S-20
  • Precision Eye Blender Brush 216
  • Smoky Stretch
  • Lash Show N-103
  • Lash Show applicator
  • Eye Prime
  • Artist Shadow M-532
  • Aqua XL I-36
  • Artist Shadow I-328
Tip /

Use brush 216 to soften the lines and achieve a harmonious result.

Apply an Aqua XL pencil as a primer for your eye shadow to intensify and extend its hold.