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Dany Sanz

Dany Sanz, make up artist


Suburbs of Paris, FRANCE



What made you decide to create MAKE UP FOR EVER?

In the Eighties, there were very few products available to professional makeup artists and those available came in a limited number of shades. Therefore, I decided to create my products with the help of my students. As more and more makeup artists and students began to request the products, I felt it was time to take things one step further. Thus, with the help of my husband, Jacques Waneph, we created MAKE UP FOR EVER in September of 1984 and opened our first boutique at 5 rue de la Boétie, in Paris.

Where did your passion for makeup come from?

As a child growing up in a Parisian suburb, I was drawn to the world of the arts at a young age. I was still studying painting and sculpture at the Ecole des Beaux-arts when friends asked me to do the makeup on a show.
And then I had the opportunity to work a lot backstage -on theatre sets, TV shows, cinema shootings, among very different artists. It really helped me to understand the professionals needs, from actors to dancers, from photographers to directors. Meanwhile, I began teaching the makeup techniques and really enjoyed it.
Inventing new textures and colors for new products every day, doing and teaching makeup every day (and night sometimes), makeup had naturally become my life!

I think my work as an Artist planted the seeds for the creative discipline that is the driving force behind MAKE UP FOR EVER.